first trip

“swim!” – Spring molvyla.
gone Plot, flashed foam,
Sofa ship in sleep lakes
We rushed to the Andersen's fairy tale.

Some kind Wizard
His treatment of carotid sent
In a country of giant orchid,
Sad eyes and lemon groves.

We sailed past the coast of,
Where greens Palma World,
Where the quiet of pearls
palaces, and the tower of sapphire.

Disappeared last snow of winter,
We bloomed fragrant magnolia snow…
Where are we flying? We did not know!
Yes, and to what? Does it really matter?

Stretched flexible flowers,
How charmed snakes,
Of enlightened darkness
MIGA sly pygmies…

Last ray of long-extinguished,
The edges of the last melting Tucek,
Flashed cloud-Pegasus,
And overhead a flock of fish disappeared,

And a month between grass stems
He flashed in water, as a circle enamel…
He was so close, but alas! –
And we have not caught on the net!

Under a colorful umbrella Wonderland,
Full of dreams undercurrents,
We lay the fear disappeared
Under the gaze of someone's green eyes.

Poured on the banks of the creek
Wine in crystal decanters,
They served us on two legs
Whales and dolphins are overweight…

Suddenly – ringing! He's here! no mercy!
That ringing hours drawl-gulok!
how, this is my father's office?
sofa? familiar lane?

Oh, morning dawns! Oh my God!
Paul in a dream and half-bdeya
Through the wet streets home
We accompanied the Witch.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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