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read below: Easter in April

The ringing of the bells and balls on a platter
Soul with joy warmed.
What radiantly, tell me, people,
Easter in April?
Grass caressing rays, dogoraya,
From the street, the echoes of phrases…
I wander quietly from the porch to the barn,
I measure the board.
In nebe, like the glow, vernal Dawn,
Waves Easter bells…
Here the neighbors wept so bitterly
The sound of a gramophone,
Echoed infinitely dull
Squealing harmonics from the kitchen…
much has been, brother, much has been…
Past, RUHNU!
Not, will not help and eggs on a plate!
Late… Lucci brim…
hopelessly, tell me, people,
Easter in April?

Moscow. Easter, 1910

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