Memory of Nina Javakheti

Around the sensitive ear listening,
– so is not available! so tender! –
She has been the face and spirit
In the dzhigitka and Princess.

Her everything seemed strange and rude:
Hiding in the shade look angles,
She wordlessly contorted lips
And at night crying without words.

Pale dawn sky in gasli,
Huge darkened dormitory;
She dreamed pink Gori
In the shade of spreading plane trees…

Brother, olive branch grows
Away from the slopes, which blossomed!
And in the spring opened the cage,
Flickered in the sky two wings.

like wax – pens, lobik,
On pale face – question.
Drowned elegant white coffin
In waves of fragrant tuberose.

paused heart, that fought…
around lamps, image…
A guttural voice was beautiful!
A flame was eye!

death endings – a story,
For grave joy Gluboka.
Let it be the girl from the Caucasus
Plot cold light!

Torn thin thread,
Ispepeliv, extinguish fire…
Sleep in peace, Captive-dzhigitka,
Sleep in peace, baby-sazandar.

As our joy miserable
the soul, that the flour is lit!
O yes, you liked Gods,
Light Princess nadmennaya!

Moscow, Christmas 1909

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