Everywhere the yellow leaves, water
Transparent-blue. throughout autumn, autumn!
We're leaving. Christ, as always
Check out the hearts desire and unbearable!

A little far away you hear the sound of the wheels, –
Four children shudder figures.
The eyes do not look Marile tears,
Karl sighs, as a conspirator, frowning.

We click to mom: “Well, why the departure of?
It is nice here!” – “Brother, children, Excess vzdohi”.
Farewell, meadow and a roadside cross,
Road to Horben… You, Farewell, cherries,

What we tore into the garden, and barn,
Where are we, all sheltered, they ate…
(Some cry… who called? Nobody called!)
And you, Black Forest gave gold!

Marile wrote me a poem in the album,
Eyes in tears, and crooked letter-crooked!
mom is busy; in blue dress
Asya flashes with Carl there, from willow.

On the porch the last whisper of our!
About this lamentation over flashed summer!
Some noise. I came crew.
– “hurry, probably! We will be late, children!”

– “Marile, friend, write to me!”
Brother, not that! I do not want to say! But what?
– “Put takes!” – “Does not disclose the coat!”
– “Садитесь, Well?” and the pope's voice stricter.

Bunch puts us Asin Cavalier,
Vanities Marile chocolate bar…
the last moment… – “Now, it may assail, Herr?”*
killed all. Not, no longer need to live!

we traveled. Autumn Evening Black.
we, dreamily, something said…
goodbye, our Carl, Black Forest boy!
goodbye, my friend, shvartsvalidskaya Marile!

*”So you can go, Mr.?” (it.)

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