From the birth of villages, villages!..

From the birth of villages, villages!
– delusion! Novoyavlennostey!
To train was, walked,
That never stopped,

I will not come.
The secular! Nezastroennoe!
To beat the wind, was,
thatched beater

would Prosvezhil brain, brain
– All of the precipitated and mold! –
To train carried, bore,
Hurry swan, in song…

Land flurry, squall!
overthrow! intemperance!
To train sped, mchal,
To not only delayed.

To not only grow together!
not swear! not get enough!
that only – whistling, whistling
Above curse reality.

feudal cornfields! depth
wilderness! nezahvatannostej!
To train xib, şiʙ,
To just do not stare

On nevi places, places
august dried!
all may be one: Pest, – Brest –
To not only listened with delight.

Never sleep! Sleep?!
sin last, unjustifiable.
birds, flying backwards, back
On the heels of falling trees!

That is not an overnight, not two! – two?! –
Even more of a kingdom –
This train for you
All would be riding and riding.

The end of May 1925

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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