To comfort a friend-piano
You went from favorite books.
Someone whispers in the melodies originated,
Bothering you and sorrow.

Those blue summer days,
Those in the sky and the stars and the clouds…
You closed my tired pen,
And your face, Nina, in the shadow.

Like a shy request for,
Repeat the last chord.
Someone's image of the heart is not erased!..
Everything as before: portraits, notebook,

Sad lily of the valley flowers in a vase,
There's little world on the couch cat…
In the quiet little rooms a small garden
Everything as before. As before, and you.

Children your eyes, that sad worried,
I'm from the heart, Oh no, not blot out.
I loved you like a sister
and gently, and deeper, may be!

As sister, now far,
As the princess of dreams Andersen…
Here, in Paris, wherein rolls Seine,
I'm with you, as there, in Eye.

Let us silence between plain
And complex entanglement nodes.
there are tunes, tunes without words,
About favorite, Nina dalnyaya!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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