Nowhere left – you and me…

Nowhere left – you and me –
turned lacunae – all sea!
Co-owners of the five ragged –
The oceans can not afford!

Poverty everlasting suhomyat!
again summer, Hoping Extreme, dry knead!
We turned the sea – aground:
Our summer – others ate!

With fat bursting: fat – them “gloss”,
That not only the oil eating, and the brain
Our – in the poems, in sonatas, in arches:
Cannibals in Parisian fashions!

Us – lakomyaschiesya: Franc – login.
ABOUT, freak, water as the toilet – mouth
Spolosnuvshy – immortal song!
Damn you – for all my

Shame: shake your hand, when the itch in his hand, –
five fingers – yes from all five
feelings – in memory of the good feelings –
Through all of your face – autograph!

February 1932 – summer 1935

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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