Do not drive my memory! Cote d'edge…

Do not drive my memory! Cote d'edge,
Where he met our daydreaming.
Any pravdyvыm: any time soon with this, like me,
Once again you will cling to the silver bowl.

All will not nasheyu destroyed. Let be! –
Sweet breath of a lost paradise!
all you – May! May you, my sadness.
All is yours, dreamed that in May.

There is no need Goodbye. We will meet there,
Where is the truth I really answer;
Every evening on the light and shaky bridges
We go out to meet each other.

Slightly away zavizhu familiar silhouette, –
The heart beats more often, to slot…
You as before: is not angry, not vindictive, not!
And your eyes, sad, The same.

This dream. Both of us the night road,
All the obstacles boldly rushaschaya.
But, waking up, my friend, no chase, as an enemy,
image he, that lie was unable to.

And when he was there in the evening shadows
Under the former calls the tune,
You bygone happiness, smiling nod
And remember bygone without anger.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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