In parting,

My heart bears heavy chains,
You created me.
I want’ bet my life,
bears that no heavier. *
Frankfurt song

We both loved, like children,
annoy, ispytuya, I play,
But someone has bad network
has placed, melting smile, –
And here we are at the pier, both,
I know not the coveted paradise,
but know, without words and to the grave
I heart dwell – yours.

You told me everything – so early!
I guessed all – so late!
In the hearts of our eternal wound,
In the eyes of the silent question,
The earth's desert boundless,
High sky starless,
Overheard gentle mystery,
And power forever frost.

I'll talk with shadow!
My dear, forget no urine!
Your image is motionless in the shadow
My eyelids descended…
It's getting dark… Zahlopnuli joint,
The whole approach of the night…
Love you, ghostly old,
you alone – and navek!

4 – 9 January 1910

*”My heart is heavy fetters,
That you did entangled.
my life for it,
That no one has a heavy chain” (it.).

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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