n. n. AT.

“Do not let your passions
will cross the threshold thy.
– But Allah is wiser…”

(Thousand and One Nights)


Large quiet roads,
Big soft steps…
Soul, like a stone, thrown into water –
All expanding circles…

And Hluboka – water, and so Temna – water…
Soul for all eternity – shoronena chest.
And so we must get it out to me,
And so I want to tell her: come into my!

27 april 1920


whole sea – We need the whole sky,
whole heart – I need all God.

27 april 1920


“Then – against all odds – England…”

It smelled England – i can not –
and valor. – Crude and Articles.
– So, communicating with new grief,
laughing, as a cabin boy on a rope

Laughs in an hour of great storms,
Alone with his anger.
blissfully, monkey dope
Bottles of penyaschymsya pharunx.

Thrust the hands, – read
wing, – accustomed to the sea blizzards!
And the heart valiantly, – and though,
Not everyone is dying in bed!

And so, all cold darkness of a starless
Sniffing – on the mast itself – on the edge –
Over an abyss opens
– laughing! – eyelashes omit…

27 april 1920


Time we have an hour.
Farther – ages without each other!
And in the sandbox – sand –
flow away!

What leads me to you –
It is not your merit!
Just fear, that rose cheeks –

You're on the sundial
monastery – vyznat time?
On the celestial in the balance –
weighed – time?

For constellations for us –
The same hour – one – above all.
I do not want, that withered –
this hour!

Only a small hour
I stole from Eternity.
hour only – on ……………
all the love.

My all sin, my – all punishment.
And both of us – shielding –


“I'm in the dark do not feel anything:
that the hand – that the board”.

Yes, one unprecedented, unheard-of
With you. – put out the torch!
I know all the ins and outs
In the prison of the fortress of the soul.

All guards – crowned with roses:
blind, Chalayan crowd!
– all blinded – for woman,
I see everything – for I am blind.

Close your eyes and not contested
Hand in hand. – fell bolt. –
Not – it is not a cloud or glow!
That my horse, waiting for riders!

stick it: I am thy shield, and courage!
I – your passion, as the ones in the days!
And if dizzy,
On a starry sky look!


– “However. You're never
Do not go past my house…”

My way is not near home – your.
My way is not near home – anyone's.

And All the same stray from the path,
(especially in the spring!)
And All the people of toil,
As a dog under the moon.

A welcome guest everywhere!
All do not give sleep!
I am a grandfather playing dice,
And with his grandson – sing.

not jealous of his wife to me:
I – voice and opinion.
And I'm not the only one in love
Put the chambers.

Funny by unwelcome bounty
me your, merchants!
Itself raise up per night –
Bridges and palaces.

(And what I say, do not listen!
All grinds – Indian!)
The very morning destroy
his creations.

Instantaneously – as a bundle of straw – nothing!
My way is not near home – your.

27 april 1920


Eyes sympathetic neighbor
And smooth steps Starush.
In the hands, hanging like twigs –
divine indifference.

A boy thunder from the tribune
tired. – All dried up zipper. –
Only occasionally to the forehead my young
The words – severe, like drops.

Moon like rags linseed
along members, apparent smoke.
– How good to me in the moonlight –
With unloving and unloved.

29 april 1920


“Day – for work, night – for conversation,
and the need to sleep at night”.

Not, it is easier to give life, than an hour
This blissful fog!
You wilt thou that I – only order! –
And to sleep and wake – early.

Perhaps, and that dreams can not be
I may see, how close my eyes.
Is not it easier then – eyes
Close my own hand?

But I'm afraid, Well that all will not sleep
The eyes in the coffin – dead sleep legitimate.
leave me. And released again:
owlet – at night, sleepless – sleepless.

14 May 1920


The bag and the water – valiant feat!
love little – a great sin.
You, tender with the slightest hair,
Unkind to my soul.

Chervonnыm dome prelschayutsya
And vorony, and doves.
Curls – every whim forgiven,
As Hyacinthe – wrapped.

The sin of the golden-domed Tserkovka
whirl – not pray in it.
Under this hat curly
Do not you want my soul!

Delving into the golden strands,
Not hear complaints funny:
ABOUT, if you – here as fervently
Clones on my soul!

14 May 1920


On the frailty of my poor
look, not wasting words.
You – stone, and I sing,
You – monument, I fly.

I know, that tenderest May
Before the eye of Eternity – worthless.
But the bird I – and Blame,
What is easy for me to put the law.

16 May 1920


When push in the chest,
You hope to leg – stand up!
Knock again to someone,
That evening was again deceived.

…………. the height of the cable
Toss them pearls and roses.
….., You need your friends –
Poetry, rather than a simple tear.

16 May 1920


Said to all the passions: sorry –
Forgive, and you.
Insults swallowed relish.
As slashing Bible verse,
I read in your eyes:
“evil passions!”

In the hands, You have a bearing,
read – flattery.
And my laughter – jealousy of all hearts! –
Like lepers jingle –
rattles you.

And that's why, in the hands of a sudden
Kirk take – to arms
not take (Are not these the flowers?),
So it is clear to me – tmы to eyes! –
What was not in thy herds
Cherney – sheeps.

there is an island – Father's goodness, –
Where I do not need bells,
Where black fluff –
Along each fence. – Yes. –
There are in the world – black flock.
another shepherd.

17 May 1920


Yes, Sighs of me – end nepochatыy!
Maybe – easier for me to be damned!
Maybe – gypsy patch –
humble – my

Not less, unmixed than gold,
The blazing white armor
Before the image of judges.

debt dancer – not falter along the rope,
debt dancer – to forget, I knew once –
other substance,

The air – under the foot of his winged!
leave him. is he – just like you – crier
Lord his.

17 May 1920


Court hastily did not fix it:
Court fragile earth!
And pigeon – not black
Galconka – white.

However – well, unless Laziness!
But all Perelyub,
May be, I'm in the rainy day
Ochnus – whiter you!

17 May 1920


“I do not want – could not – and I do not know how to offend you”.

So out of the house, persecuted anguish,
– You! – all female memory, all thirst,
passionately – to forget! – As shaft Marine,
Noshus along all the bayonets, bags and citizens.

About foam high shaft Marine
Along the stone Soviet Cook!

Over dremlyushtey Borzoi sklonyusy – and suddenly –
Your eyes! – All hands on icons –
yours! – ABOUT, if you were without eyes, without hands,
So I do not remember them, not remember them, do not remember!

AND, access, how frisky wave,
I take home puzzling.

All kissed usual.
Hang in the window. – Moscow among large.
After all, I love the whole of Moscow! – But your house…
laughing, laughing, I laugh with clenched throat.

And a five-year, chew millet:
– “Without you, we are bored, and with you funny”…

So, braided wreath of children,
his sleep – the words: “I'm afraid, at the root cuts –
Pole… Well? – Well? – No news?”
– “Not, – however, there is: that he does not love me!”

AND, Replica Izumi husband,
Go to women – hear, how else jealous.

Poetry – flowers – (And who does not give
I for poetry?) In the hands – whole blizzard!
The shadow on the buildings creeps. – Forward! Forward!
To Human circus circle

Bad memory to drive to the end, –
So just do not wake up, finally!

Because of you, like most of the Plague,
Along the whole of Moscow – ……. leggy
whirl, whirl, whirl until darkness –
to, finally, at its doorstep

Stay, translating spirit…
– And to enter the house, to rediscover – you!

17-19 May 1920


Enraptured and delighted,
Dreams of seeing in broad daylight,
All you saw me sleeping,
No I did not see sleepy.

And because, that a day
Dreams float before the eyes,
Already night I go to bed – laziness.
And so, yearning shadow,
I am standing over the sleeping friends.

17-19 May 1920


Slavic ancient conscience,
With zmeeyu in the heart and with the mark on the forehead,
I say, what – innocent.

I say, that rest in me
Communicant before Communion.
That's not my fault, I'm with the hand
The squares stand – Happyness.

Revise all my goods,
Tell – or am I blind?
Where's my gold? where silver?
In my hand – only a handful of ashes!

And it's all, that flattery and entreaty
I have begged happy.
And it's all, I'll take
At the edge of kissing silent.


Well I'll tell all, that I love you.

That no one up to the subsoil – mother
So on your child will not look.
What about you, that thing busy,
I do not want to die, and to die.
You will not understand, – small my words! –
How little I pillory!

What if the banner entrusted me Regiment,
And then would you appeared before my eyes –
On the other hand, in – petrified as a pillar,
My hand would release banner…
And this honor last trampling,
Prenizhe your feet, prenizhe herbs.

Your hand in the pillory
nailed – birch on meadow

This post gets me, and the deadline Crowds –
The pigeons cooing in the morning early…
And everything is already giving, This black column
I will not give – for the red halo of Rouen!


You wanted it. – So. – Hallelujah.
I hand, beating me, kiss.

The chest rebounding – pull to the chest,
to, surprise, I heard – silence.

And then to, with a smile indifferent:
– My child becomes obedient!

Not the first day, and for many centuries
Already you pull to the chest, arm

monastic – Frigid up the heat! –
Arm – of Eloise! – Abelyara.

The thunder Cathedral – in order to beat to death –
You, taking off the white lightning whip!

19 May 1920, Ascension eve


this hand, on the way sailors
Sun trumpeted hundred nA okrest,
this hand, at night kovavshey – ode,
How to put an illiterate – cross.

Well if little, – I agree in advance!
Both of them on the block, to the night
Khlynuvshim – cheerful red shaft
Flood ink streams!

20 May 1920


And do not save any stanzas, or constellations.
And this is called – retribution
for this, that every time,

Stan straightening of the line hard,
I was looking over his forehead spacious
stars only, instead of eyes.

What you autocrat acknowledged on faith,
– Brother, nor a single moment, beautiful Eros,
I was not without you is empty!

That night, in solemn mists,
I was looking at the delicate rosy lips –
only rhyme, rather than the mouth.

Retribution for, that the worst judges
It was – snow, what is here, under the left breast
eternal apotheosis!

That face to face with a young East
I was looking at his high forehead
Zor only, rather than roses!

20 May 1920


Not so vile and not so easy,
How do you want your, to sleep tight.
Now go. With high dais
You nod again.

AND, raising his eyebrows in surprise,
You will see, that nothing I ink:
What I wrote – blackness blood,
Not purple ink.


Who created from stone, who created from clay, –
I silver and shine!
I care – change, my name – Marina,
I – fragile sea foam.

Who created from clay, who created from the flesh –
Meanwhile coffin and tombstones…
– The font Marine baptized – and in flight
its – continually broken!

Through every heart, through every network
It will break my willfulness.
Me – see these loose curls? –
Earthly do not salt.

Coalescing the granite of your knee,
I am with each wave – resurrect!
Long live the foam – fun foam –
High sea foam!

23 May 1920


Take all, I need nothing.
And taken to…………………………….
As for the rose garden grill
Once God – their hand – that.

Take all, why not buy:
here …………….., and ……, and notebook.
I don't care – with a mountain fell,
What ever I do not collect life!

Yes, at this hour, I'm sorry, so ignominiously
I have lived, in such a deep sleep, –
puppy blind! – Pitting me into the ditch,
Bring me a good cause.

Instead he – as ………………….
As the roar of area universe waves –
You little glory will – this:
Because of you …… – new hill.

23 May 1920


Death dancer

I see front room,
The whiteness and brilliance of silk.
through all – Tropez hromadnuyu –
– black – to you, alcove.

The heads – armor abusive
I see: fan and a rope.
– And your eyes are made of glass,
reflecting the sunset.

24 May 1920


I do not dance, – not my fault
A wave pink dress.
But now with both hands at once
outwit, covered and caught – wind.

silent, dodger. – only there, at the bottom of the knee,
Slightly at the edges shakes. – caught!
ABOUT, if I could keep Whimsy,
How excited wind dress!

24 May 1920


Eyes witch enchanted
I look at the child of God is forbidden.
Since my soul is granted,
I became quiet and unrequited.

I forgot, as river Seagull
All night long groaned under the Human windows.
I'm in a white bonnet Now – hostess
I go degree, golubookoyu.

And even the dull ring of steel,
Hand in the sun – as a corpse swaddled.
Solon So my bread, that does not suit, mouth should, –
In solonitse salt is untouched…

25 May 1920

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