Christ and God! I wonder thirst
Now, now, at the beginning of the day!
ABOUT, let me die, while
The whole life of the book for me.

You're wise, you do not say strictly:
– “terpene, life is not yet finished”.
You yourself gave me – too much!
I yearn immediately – all roads!

just want: with a gypsy soul
Go to the songs on the break,
For all suffer under the organ sound
And Amazon race into battle;

Guess the stars in the black tower,
Lead the children ahead, Shadowstep…
That was a legend – the day yesterday,
That was insane – everyday!

Love and the Cross, and silk, and helmets,
My soul moments trail…
You gave me a childhood – Top stories
And give me death – seventeen years!

Tarusa, 26 September 1909

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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