I – eva, and my great passion:
All my life is a passionate tremor!
My eyes are flames, embers,
A hair ripe rye,
And pull them out of the loaves, cornflowers.
Mysterious my age – good.

Do you see the elves in the midnight darkness
Through the smoke, lilac fire?
Jingling the coins will not take from you, –
I ghost elves sister…
And if the witch has thrown in prison,
The death in captivity fast!

you knight, You're strong, your voice stream,
With rock tending downwards.
From my dark eyes, by daring speeches
To the beloved bride to come back!
I, eva, like the wind, and the wind – nobody's…
I'm your dream. About knight, wake up!

ABBA, fait midnight Watch,
told: “Close your door
mad witch, whose eyes shame.
Witch sly, as a beast!”
– Perhaps really, but obscure my vision,
I secretly, a secret trust!

What is my sin? With tears in the church do not study,
Laughing in his sleep and waking?
Believe me: I laugh, the pain being treated,
But laughter is not joy I!
Goodbye, my knight, I'm in the sky umchus
Today on the lunar horse!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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