Books bound in red

From Paradise plaguing children
You're sending me greetings farewell,
invariably friends
The shabby, red binding.
A little easier to learn a lesson,
I ran immediately to you happened.
– “too late!” – “Mama, ten term!”…
But fortunately my mother forgot.
Trembling lights on the chandeliers…
How well a book at home!
under Grieg, Schumann and Cui
I learned the fate of Tom.
It's getting dark… The air is fresh…
Tom Becky happiness with full faith.
Here with a torch Injun Joe
Wandering in the darkness of the cave…
Cemetery… Owl prophetic cry…
(I'm scared!) Here flying through bumps
Priemysh prim widow,
Diogenes lived in a barrel.
Brighter than the sun's throne room,
Above the slender boy – crown…
Suddenly – beggar! Oh god! He said:
“Let, I am heir to the throne!”
Gone into the darkness, who appeared in it.
Britain's sad fate…
– ABOUT, why among the red books
Again, for the lamp would not sleep?
On the golden age,
Where to look bolder and clearer heart!
About gold names:
Gekk Finn, Tom Sawyer, Prince and the Pauper!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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