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Laughter on the lips, grace in a heart,
Which no secular rules Chill,
No opinion ice does not have power to shackle.
How sweet it is to live! How sweet it is to dance
At seventeen years under a kind look man!

That gentleman will, laughing, flower,
the, Do not hesitate, podsyadet to evil old women,
Insists on debt, twisting a handkerchief.
And terribly sweet stubborn curl
Thick hair over this child's ear.

How sweet it is to live: successful toilet,
Hairstyle made skilful hand,
Beloved husband, Good luck, seventeen years…
How sweet it is to live! Suddenly sequins epaulette
And someone's eyes relentlessly-sad.

ABOUT, it is powerless sign-tender mouth,
Know her frown
And this look… Before her the previous, the,
He told her in tears for the New Year:
– “Die without words when your first word!”

Where did once bright anger?
After all, he, her favorite, the first!
Already whispers husband through a slow melody:
– “You're sick?” a little pale,
She drops back: “It's nerves”.

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