The camera

“By the time I was about to
up 1'escalier, here is a woman,
envelopee in a coat, we get
strongly hand and 1'embrassa”.

Prоkesh-east. “my relationships
with the Duke of Reichstadt”.*

His love is stronger, than a brother,
– Loving it kind, and throne, and blood, –
ABOUT, daughter Eliza, The camera,
Did you know, the burning love.

you suddenly, not Venchan ceremony,
Without Penyo people, myrtle and ribbons,
Hand in hand went with him
In the glorious legends.

Bless him for flour,
leaning, how to go to the grave,
You, as a sacred, Prince's hand,
I'm fading, submit to wrinkle.

And fallen prince forever,
And he understood without words, in the silence,
With this gesture suddenly forever
United two souls.

Chto you Romeo and Juliet,
Song of the Nightingale between dark thickets!
Each other heeded – no vow –
Uniform as snow and black cape.

And so, great power of gesture,
You have become to the end of year
The bride and groom pale,
Though was not to utter a vow.

standing: in mourning attire,
The dark waves hairstyle – you,
is he – in a halo of light strands,
Both children, and flowers.

You are not attained rasplata,
Then, that you – dozed blood.
ABOUT, daughter Eliza, The camera,
Did you know, the burning love!

*”At that moment, I was going to climb the ladder, A woman in a raincoat smell vividly grabbed my hand and kissed it”. – Prokesh-Austen. “My relationship with the Duke of Reichstadt” (fr.).

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