As the scope of our sad cornfields…

As the scope of our sad cornfields
You are enveloped in a sad haze;
You live for all invisible,
Too many in the chest buried.

As you pevuchiy and mernыy outflow,
Do not you people is like the fights,
You live, with crystal icicles
Infinite tenderness plums.

I like to have big eyes,
Slim profile thoughtfully-clear,
Necklace around his neck, how brushes,
your speech – nor against, our…

From a country weary of the moon
You came down on a thin thread.
You, all bullion Nuggets,
so unwittingly, so proudly modest.

During the ebb tide comes,
this, icicles lighter, than tears,
Fade and the moon sparkles,
Freezes and best motive…

Well you'll be one, what now,
The fiery zataennom sgoraya…
you are clean, and distant paradise
You open the door light!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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