As we read “Lichtenstein”

Quiet and heat, all turn blue plums,
Soporific buzz of flies,
We sat down in the grass, silent,
Mom reads aloud Lichtenstein.

The stained lips, apron and dress,
Plum hands reluctantly take.
Burning bright gold crucifix
There, down below, steep road slope where.

Ulrich – my hero, and Georg – i'phe,
Each prowess managed to captivate:
Duke Ulrich so light unhappy,
Knight Georg so lovingly-dare!

like a song – cute mother's voice,
Magic doing her mouth.
Go up eating, Slim-pryamы,
There, in the sun, gentle figure of Christ…

we lie, happiness silent,
Freezing sweet spirit children.
We are in the grass, around turn blue plums,
Mom reads aloud Lichtenstein.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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