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Again, before Thee I bow my knees,
In the distant sight of thy starry crown.
Give me understanding, Christ, that not only all the shadows,
Give me a hug no shadow, finally!

I am exhausted by these long days
without care, without goals, always in the gloom…
You can love the shade, but whether shadows live
Eighteen years on earth?

And they sing because, and write, that happiness first!
Flourish with all his soul to the cheering, all!
But is not it eh: After all, happiness is not, It is sad?
In addition to the dead, because no friends?

After all, from the beginning of burning faith inoyu
Sheltered from the world in the desert fondly,?
Not, it is not necessary smile, mined at the price
Desecration of shrines higher.

I do not have pleasure at the cost of humiliation.
I do not need love! I am sad – not about her.
Give me your soul, Savior, pay – only shadows
In a quiet realm of beloved shadows.

Moscow, autumn, 1910

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