Elfochka in the hall

Anne Kalin

Singing piano unsolved, gently
Under the flexible handles small Ani.
Outside the windows raced sled unclear,
The streets were deserted and snow.

Air elfochka in the children's dress
Vnymala ago, that only elfochkam heard.
Covered with a thin face magnificently
Fluffy curls restless strands.

In it were movements mysteriously fragile.
– It's like an old portrait in front of you! –
from dum, that shall never say the words,
Sadly shook capricious sponge.

And singing piano, inspiration warmed,
About sweet charms boundless sorrow,
And the soul between each other sounds met,
And someone with a light smile portrait.

inspired tunes: “There is no joy in passion!
tired heart, lip already, you go to sleep!”
And in the twilight of winter, we believe the authorities
The only, strange princess Anita.

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