good witch

He sees everything, He knows all your wise pupil.
Heart you are clear, like grass.
Why have you among us, forest old man,
Caldwell harmless-lukavыy?

Soul to the grave shy-yun,
you live, intoxicated firmament.
Why have you among us, An evil sorcerer,
All-smelling wood and honey?

How early you could leave Dawns,
Overgrown poppy clearing,
And the old hive, and gray smoke,
Getting up on the roof of the dugout?

How could you exchange your favorite animals,
your forest, where the blooms Fiction,
Crews on the world, trams, doors,
On a friendly face-boring?

vernis: no you do not burn fireflies,
Do not whisper dark tree,
Without affectionately solid master hand
Bored furry bee.

Believe me: between us no one understands,
How sweet smell of wild cherry.
not medley, but it would not stay the honey
The impolite Mishkin paws!

Who knows drug, witch, but you,
To cure the beast il Imp?
Uydi, the old man, of the bustle
Birthmark under the arches of the forest!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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