My Czech friend,
Anna Antonovna Teskova


The mortals who have lost faith,
Zacharovatsya not tschus.
In the old heather,
In srebroskolzyaschuyu Dry,

– Let my shadow
Glory trubât trumpeters! –
The heather-loss,
The heather-dry streams.

old heather!
Bare stones growths!
make sure
The identity of our orphanhood,

Removing and rejecting
Shreds last brocade –
The heather-ruins,
The heather-dry streams.

A life: duplicity
Friendship and choking deformities.
Sedyu and sushyu,
(for counselor – crude),

up, where rowan
Crash King David!
The heather-gray,
The heather-dry sea.

5 September 1922


when the offense – opilas
soul razgnevannaya,
When seven times zareklas
Fight with demons –

No topics, showers lights
The abyss niskhlestnutymi:
With earthly baseness days.
With human inertia –

Trees! To you go! save
From the roar of the market!
Your reach in upward
As the heart vydyshano!

oak God-fighting! The fighting
All root marching!
Willow-seer my!

elm – furious Absalom,
On torture rearing
Pine – you, my mouth Psalm:
bitterness Rowan…

To you! The mercury zhivopleschuschuyu
foliage – let crumbling!
First hand to open!
throw the manuscript!

Green glow swarms…
Both hands – splashing…
bareheaded my,
My trembling!

8 September 1922


bather, in light circle
whipped, flock
Nymph-ohranitelynits – and suddenly,
mane vzmetaya

The throw foreheads and hands,
– scroll developed! –
The dance-ending suddenly
With a wave of protection –

Long hand on hip…
stretching his neck…
silver birch,
live streams!

9 September 1922


other! Bratstvenny host!
You, whose flick swept
Next earthly grievances.
Forest! – Owl Moy!

In a loud Tabor friendships
Sobutylnitsa shower
bristling, choosing sobriety,
Day – IZ fraternities in tyshayshem.

Brother, with topochuschih moan
In light the sacrificial fire
groves! The great peace
mosses! In struenie coniferous…

Tree of ominous tidings!
Forest, broadcasting: There is
Here, curvatures of the rabble –
perfect life:

Wherever slavery, no deformities,
There, where everything is in full growth,
There, where the truth know better:
On the other side days…

17 September 1922


Begletsы? – orderlies?
answer me, Kohl living!
Chernetsы verhovыe,
In the thickets of God beheld?

How many rushing sandals!
How bursting buildings!
How many deer and hounds –
In ubehane trees!

Forest! you now – rider!
Then, that people's disease
call: the last
convulsions woody –

it – Dress in a spacious
servant, nectar vskormlen.
it – and once the roots
Up runaway forest!

Not, else: no flakes –
In suholistom Flood!
I see: headlong copies,
hear: the roar of blood!

And the gaping mantle
Proletaya – who saw?! –
To Saul to David:
Dark death of his!

3 October 1922


Do not paint, not brush!
Shine – his kingdom, ibo sed.
Lying – red leaves:
here the light, trampling color.

Colour, downtrodden light.
Shine – color pyatoyu chest.
Not this, not in this
whether: secret, and the power and essence

autumn forest?
On the quiet days zavodyu
As if the veil
rushed – and threatening her…

As if his son
Providišʹ skvoz rice Luk –
The words: Palestine
Stand Up, and suddenly Elysium…

Struenьe… Skvozhene…
Through small ligature palpitations –
Shine, blessed death
AND – breaks the connection.

* * *

Autumn sedost.
You, Goethe's apotheosis!
Much ripe,
But more remains – rasplelosь.

So shine gray:
Since ancient family head –
last son,
The last of the seven –

In the last door –
Stretched hands glow…
(I paint I do not believe!
here purple – the last of the servants!)

…No longer light:
Somehow glow glowing…
Not this, not in this
whether – and terminates the connection.

* * *

So shine desert.
AND – more to say, what could:
Palestine Sands,
Owl Dome…

8 – 9 October 1922


And, Without vision slept –
She shuddered and stood.
In a strict gradual psalm,
Spotting skaloy –

Host waking bodies:
Arms! – Arms! – Arms!
Like the host of a hail of arrows,
Ripe for flour.

Scrolls crumbling into dust
Reese, through both network.
Arms, covering the groin,
(virgins!) – and whip

old, I do not know shame…
Otrocheskih – birds!
Horsemen to court tube!
Stan the loins

Disengaging from the coffin Pelen –
Rise greybeard:
am! – transmigration! – Legion!
entire nations

immigrants! – Mercy and anger!
Types! – Budi! – Remember!
…Several trees vzbehayuschyh
In the evening, of vsholmye.

12 October 1922


Someone is going – death victory
trees – gestures tragedies.
Judaism – sacrificial dance!
trees – palpitations sacraments.

it – conspiracy against the century:
weight, accounts, time, fractions.
is – razodrannaya curtain:
trees – gestures tombstones…

Someone is going. Sky – how to enter.
trees – celebrations gestures.

7 May 1923


how influx,
what truths,
What do you make noise,
spills deciduous?

What Furious
Sibyl sacraments –
What do you make noise,
What bespamyatstvuete?

What is your trend?
but I know – lechite
insult Time –
cool Eternity.

But the young genius
rebelling – vicious
lies beholding
finger zaochnosti.

to re, as once,
Land – It seemed to us.
To under the eyelids
accomplished designs.

to coin
Wonderland – not swagger!
To under the eyelids
accomplishes the sacrament!

And away from the strength!
And away from the urgency!
The flow! – The prophecy
indirect speeches…

foliage Do – leaves?
Mademoiselle Sibyl – vystonala?
…avalanche deciduous,
ruins deciduous…

9 May 1923

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