Dame with kameliyami

All your path shiny hall of evil,
Margarita, boldly condemn.
What's your fault? Gres body!
soul you – has saved innocent.

One, another, all the same,
All you nodding with a grin shaky.
This sad half-smile
You yourself have long mourned.

who understands? Hand whose help?
All one captivates without exception!
Forever waiting open arms,
waiting for forever: “I crave! Be my!”

Day and night the poison of false confessions…
Day and night, and tomorrow again, and again!
I speak a word
Dark eyes your, martyr glance.

Are all closely cursed ring,
Avenging goddess of fate polusvetskoy…
Gentle boy suddenly smiling infant
you looked, Sadness, in face…

O love! saves the world – she!
In her one salvation and protection.
All in love. Sleep in peace, Margarita…
All in love… I loved – saved!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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