Lady in Blue

Somewhere beyond the forest thunder storm,
And dry air udushliv.
The lush grass gone to his head
Little Eric shepherd.
Black spruce, sloping from the heat,
The boy gave shelter.
stifling… buzzing bees, midges,
Somewhere lambs bleat.
Eric thoughtful: – “Hope and Believe,
B цerkvi aʙʙat poucal.
trust… Oh my God… ABOUT, Now if
Suddenly the bell rang!”
Quoth – and sees: from the gloomy thickets
The lady goes through a meadow:
light foot, bluish cloak,
Dazzling shine hand;
Slap stream of golden curls
Zybletsya, wind persecuted.
Nearer, getting closer, steps quickly,
That's really bent over him.
– “Believing the miracle does not believe in vain,
Wonder and joy wait!”
Good lady in an azure cloak
The chips were pressed to his chest.
White Rose, organ, triumph,
Rainbow Star columns…
Eric woke up. Around – no one,
Only lambs and he.
The invisible bell sky
Singing-ringing: bim-bom…
Baby then I realized, who was
Lady in blue raincoat.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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