Roth blood, and his eyes are green,
And smile jacked-evil…
ABOUT, You can not hide, Now I understand:
You beloved pale moon.

Over you, and the day is not weakened
In the far childhood legends has nights,
Because you from birth – nobody's,
Because you loved – from the cradle.

ABOUT, how many people loved you, poet:
Temnookih, light blond,
And nadmennыh, and tender, and gloomy,
They are inspiring their own delusions.

but oblivion, brother, Whether on chest?
Is there a spell to earthly voices?
disappearing, as the smoke in the sky,
they went, leaving.

Eternal guest on another shore,
You tortured silver horn…
ABOUT, I know a lot, About many things,
but where – I can not say.

Because you spark glasses
And dope pleasures pale:
You are the beloved of Our Moon,
You're one of those, Moon caressed.

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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