former magician

You heart tearing anguish, Doubts about the best sowing.
– “throw a stone, spares! I'm waiting, more painfully stung!”
Not, I hate the arrogance of the Pharisee,
I love sinners, and I only wish you.

The walls of the dark words, growing in the dark,
Us, not, – not distinguish! We find the key to the castle
And boldly will provide a mysterious signs
Each other, we, when slumber all night.

Free and single, away from close framework,
You will be returned back to us with a rich rook,
And from the air lines there slender castle,
And the ahnet, the poet who dared to be judge!

– “Error forgive perfectly, Yes, but this –
It is impossible: culture, honour, decency… Oh no”.
– Let it tell all. I do not judge a poet,
And everything can be forgiven for crying sonnet!

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Marina Tsvetaeva
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