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Brief biography of Tsvetaeva

Marina Tsvetaeva

Marina Tsvetaeva was born 8 October (according to some 26 September) 1892 g. Through 2 of the year, at 1894 year, she had her sister – Anastasia. The future poet was born in an intellectual family, which gave impetus to the development of her talent. She soon began to read, already in 6 years wrote poetry. Her father – Ivan Vladimirovich Tsvetaev, It was a famous philologist, good art critic, university professor.

Her mother, Maria A. dreamed, to daughter trained as a musician. AT 10 years of her childhood was marred by illness mother: the mind. BUT. Tsvetaeva was diagnosed with tuberculosis. The whole family moved to the French Riviera. The girl studied at different high schools. AT 12 years she gets into an elite guesthouse Brinkman masters. AT 1906 he entered the women's gymnasium, from which it was excluded for thinking outside the box and freethinking. AT 16 s future poet goes into 6 grammar class M. T. Bryuhonenko.

AT 1910 year there was a debut collection of her works “night album”. At the end of the spring 1911 year M. Tsvetaeva was staying in the Crimean Koktebel, in a family house in M. BUT. Voloshin. With M. Voloshin it grew not only in terms of talent. There she met her lover. Sergei Efron is known as a journalist and writer. AT 1912 year they were married, they saw the birth of her daughter Ariadna Efron. Later came Irina, who died in an orphanage. In civil C. Efron took part in the movement of Whites, He went into exile. This man she was able to devote the best years of his life, but in the end he killed her entire family, became an agent of the NKVD.

AT 1912 he published the second and third collection of her poems. Young Tsvetaeva quickly notice the talents of the time. Tsvetaeva's creativity was fascinated by many of her contemporaries: Gumilyov, Maximilian Voloshin, Blok etc.. AT 1914 , she met with Sofia Parnok, with whom she had a two-year romantic connection. WITH. Parnok was her creative colleague. Yield poetry collection “Friend” associate it with this lady.

After the revolution, she participates in the literary evenings, where you can listen to young poets and famous writers. AT 1922 year published a collection of poems “mile” and selection “Parting”. AT 1925 year it appears the son of George, and the whole family moved to France. The mysterious suicide of Mayakovsky shook Tsvetaeva, She wrote a cycle of poems “Mayakovsky”. But since the 1930s, it is more a novelist. she returned from exile in literature 1939 year. The Great Patriotic War found her by translating the unique creations of Garcia Lorca. In late summer, the beginning of Nazi aggression, it was waiting for evacuation.

On the last day of summer 1941 , she said goodbye to life, decided to hang himself. The event shocked the entire literary bohemia. According to his relatives, she lived in poverty, there is evidence – Marina was forced to earn a dishwasher. What caused Tsvetaeva to hang himself? The reason may be hiding in creative experiences and persecution. Marina buried in the cemetery in g. Yelabuga, at the headstone and flowers are always removed.

Interest in her creations does not pass with age. Numerous museums are stored her things, manuscripts, old editions of books. Home-Museum. Tsvetaeva are in Moscow and other cities. creativity poet – wonderful contribution to the Russian language and literature, and the lyrics of some songs helped birth. It is mentioned in the poems of Pasternak. Her poetry is full of love, more devoted to nature. Books and collections of great poetess sold worldwide.

Tsvetaeva's poems interesting and succinct, long and short, some famous quotes on dismantled. Be sure to familiarize yourself with some works: “The Story of Sonia”, “Heck”, “Only yesterday looked into my eyes”. In many stories, that she was able to write, easy to create a psychological portrait of the writer. Only the troubles and hardships can be produced such masterpieces. On the basis of its creation to create a film script “Moon at its zenith”. Tsvetaeva – not just a writer, but the translator. She's learning a lot of young talent.

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